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Our paper envelope packaging for temporary tattoos and iron-on patches is hard to beat in terms of flexibility and communication power. Our envelope is made of sturdy cardboard and can be opened and closed as many times as desired. It features an attractive design, functional usability, and when fully unfolded, provides a perfect stage for the enclosed tattoo or iron-on patch. As the interior area and a significant portion of the exterior surfaces can be designed however you like, even the smallest envelope is suitable for a comprehensive brand presentation. This combination product is practical, cost-effective to produce, and perfect as a giveaway item, promotional material, or top-seller at the point of sale.

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Premium gift, Promotional product, Merchandising article, Envelope packaging


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Technical Data

Format: Freely selectable

Print: Single-sided / double-sided

Paper: 240-300 g/qm FSC mixed credit

Customization: Possible

Fact Check

  • Premium packaging
  • Sustainable FSC certificate
  • White label production or own branding/design