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Developed, designed and produced by our own team, this small box is a complete innovation which quickly rose to the top of our best-selling tattoo products. The secret to its success? A one-meter-long strip of temporary tattoos with 24 mixed designs in a compact cardboard box – perfect for taking, tearing and sharing The Tattoo-Meter is perforated, allowing for easy separation of the individual tattoos. Its pocket-sized format makes it an ideal companion for events and travel. Whether used as a seasonal highlight, gift box, merchandise item, or promotional article, the tattoo box, its contents, and display can be customized according to your preferences, or you can simply choose a pre-designed product from our range!

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Joke article, Funny gift, Seasonal item, Merchandising product, Promotional product, Event box, Children, Teenagers, Adults, Football, World Cup, Bachelor party,


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Technical Data

Format: 60 x 60 x 45 mm (H, W, D)

Content: 24 temporary tattoos on strip (4 x 100 cm)

Paper: Strip and box from FSC mixed credit

Finish: Tattoo strip with tear-off perforation

Customization: Possible

Fact Check

  • 1 meter of temporary tattoos in stylish box
  • 24 tattoos for sharing and having fun
  • Designs possible for every occasion
  • White label production or own branding/design