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Iron-on patches for textiles are highly popular among children, teenagers and adults. Customized and trendy designs or messages in different color variations and sizes call for attention and are the perfect promotional item. In the sectors promotion, fashion and lifestyle, iron-on patches are great for clothing. In the sectors living and accessories, they can be used on bags, blankets and pillows. When used to enhance clothing or conceal stains on a favorite garment, iron-on patches also contribute to sustainability efforts. They are available in white, color, glitter or metallic.

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Creative textile customization, Design, Handmade, Individuality, Fashion statement, Children, Adults, Lifestyle, Living, Upcycling, Refresh, Eye-catcher, Iron-on patches,


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Technical Data

Format: 60 x 60 mm - 670 x 980 mm

Quantity of Designs: Freely selectable

Print: Single-sided / double-sided

Colors: White, colored, glitter, metallic

Paper: 110 g/qm 

Customization: Possible

Fact Check

  • Easily applied with iron
  • Machine washable up to 30° C
  • Suitable for cotton and blended fabrics
  • Versatile packaging solutions
  • Glitter and metallic finish possible


  1. Set iron to “cotton” mode
  2. Remove protective foil from iron-on patch
  3. Place patch on textile with design facing down onto the fabric
  4. Firmly iron the patch for about 30 seconds in a circular motion
  5. Wait 5 minutes until the backing paper has cooled off, then remove paper
  6. Afterwards, do not iron over patch again!

Washing Instructions

Machine washable up to 30° C; only wash on reverse

Suitable Textiles

Cotton and blended fabrics of all colors.


Besides the mandatory product information, the packaging and patch can be completely customized due to our white label production. Send us your design and create a unique product for your customers!

EAN-Code, QR-Code

All products can be equipped with EAN- and/or QR-codes – provided by you or generated by us.

Additional Information

While our iron-on patches are crafted with quality and designed to withstand regular use, it is important to note that their longevity may vary. Factors such as fabric type, usage frequency, and laundering cycles can affect their lifespan.